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                Application Presentation 
                Segment EPD 
                Flexible EPD 
                3Color EPD 
                2Color EPD 
                 Website:Home - About us - Company

                Wuxi Vision Peak Technology Co.,Ltd. has officailly changed company name to Wuxi Vision Peak Technology Corporation Limited in Dec 24, 2015. Currently registerred capital is 45 million(CNY).

                Wuxi Vision Peak Technology sets research、design、production and sales in one of the SMEs. Rely on science and technology and development, continue to provide customers with satisfactory products is constant pursuit. We are the EPD(electronic paper display) production in the field of the most comprehensive strength of the enterprise.Our product technology is advanced,yield is much higher than the same industy level.We achieved quality management system ISO9001:2008 certification and environmental management system 14001:2004 certification in February 2012,RoHs certification of EPD in 2011.

                We have a leading industry with a leading level of senior R&D team, with independent research and development of  the core technology and intellectual property rights. We have authorized 24patents, including 3 invetion patents, 21 utility model patents and were obtained as high-tech enterprise in December 2015.

                Main business: E-paper Display R&D, production , sales and application development

                Electronic shelf label screen - professional manufacturer-Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. http://wf-tech.comElectronic shelf label screen - professional manufacturer-Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. http://wf-tech.com

                Wuxi Vision Peak Technology Corporation Limited establish a comprehensive partnership with E-ink. We fully use electronic ink fim of E-ink, thus ensuring the stability of product quality, greatly improving the enterprise in the 开元棋牌官网 product industry competitiveness.

                Address: J1-3,EPZ,New District,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China.

                 ADD:Wuxi. Jiangsu. China. TEL:0510-82239586 FAX:0510-82239550 E-mail:sales@wf-tech.com Http://weng9.cn

                Copyright © 2010 Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
                Hongkong Office:Unit 24,15/F,Goldfield Industrial Centre,1 Sui Wo Road,Fo Tan,Shatin,N.T.,Hong Kong Tel:(852)3690 8173 Fax:(852)36908172